Thursday, July 19, 2007

Got my package!

My package was waiting for me at home last week, thanks so much to Jennifer! I LOVE my gorgeous Gryffindor sock, they're so soft and fit perfectly! She also sent along some fab goodies, including HP pens, post it notes and a keychain, and gold lip gloss - love it! Also in the post was a package of Twinnings tea and Ghirardelli chocolates - what a great treat to enjoy while I devour book 7 this weekend!

Thanks Jennifer, you rock!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Owl Arrived!

I got these last week from knitstergirl. I am so happy with my Dobby socks - aren't they beautiful! And the fab goodies as well! You can read more about my beautiful swap pacakge on my blog.


Saturday, July 14, 2007


There is less then one week left until Harry Potter Book 7 comes out. You should all be ready to send your socks out to your Pal's or have already sent your package so it will arrive by Friday at the LATEST. If there are any issues, please email me at This is very important! This is NOT my regular email address. I'm having some Internet issues again and will need to use this email for a few days. Again, it is .

Thank you,

April in SC

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Prisoner of Azkaban Trivia ~ Part 1 of 2

This will be the same as the rest except it will be split into 2 section, with each section having 10 questions. 5 points will be awarded for each correct answer, with a total of 20 questions (over 2 blog posts) and 100 points possible. Here are the first 10 questions - Good Luck!

You can email your answer to me at or you can post them in the comments, where I will try my best to check them and erase them as fast as possible so others can still answer. :c)

1) What time was Marges train suppose to arrive?

2) How did Fred and George change Percy's prefect badge?

3) On what page did the train stop on the way to Hogwarts?

4) What did the Knight in the picture say to Harry after he fell face first into the grass and
Harry asked him if he was all right?

5) On what page does Neville explain to Professor Lupin what his grandmother looked like
when Professor Lupin was giving a Bogart Lesson?

6) On what page did Professor Lupin explain to Harry why he let him face the Bogart? And
what form did Professor Lupin expect Harry's Bogart to take?

7) On what page is this sentence? "Harry lay there, not saying a word. They had lost...for the
first time ever, he had lost a Quidditch match."

8) When Harry back to Hogwarts through the Honeydukes cellar and went to the common
room after dinner, what had Fred and George done in the common room?

9) What color was Harry's X-mas sweater and was there anything on the front of it?

10) What time and day did Harry meet Professor Lupin in the History of Magic classroom to
learn how to deal with Dementors?

Hello All!!

Well after much-to-do over on my end, I've slowly come back to my online friends and activities. It has been a wild ride over here and I've learned many lessons about running a swap all by myself. Not a mistake I will make the next time. :c)

For those of you wondering, yes the Swap It should still be going. You should be close to finishing up your socks in the next week and half, and thinking about sending them off so your Pal can get them in time.

I've had a few questions about adding extras besides your Pal's socks into your package. I did put some questions in the Questionnaire that would allow you add some treats but it is NOT a requirement. This Swap It was started a bit late in the game and I left out putting a money value or anything on it just for that reason. The only requirement I had was that you got your Pal's socks to them in time. However, IF you would like to send a few things extra that is up to you. We are all knitters, most of us realize that our children are out of school now and keeping us busy, and of course we were all trying to catch up on the movies and books along with all our knitting. If you just send your Pal socks, I'm sure they will be just as thrilled as if you included some tea or candy. We are totally in it for your socks, not your chocolate. *g*

The next trivia is coming up. Please count your points and let me know if you think I forgot anyone! I'm by far not perfect.

Good Luck! I can't wait to see every one's socks!

April in SC

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hello out there?

Hi Swappers - are we still swapping? I have oen sock done so I wanted to make sure I should plug on with the second? It's been oh so quiet!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Harry Poter Sock Yarn...Again...

Regia looks like they have a Gryffindor colorway for socks!! Here is the link:

Just thougth I'd share. Its selling for $5.99 US for a 50g ball.