Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hello All!!

Well after much-to-do over on my end, I've slowly come back to my online friends and activities. It has been a wild ride over here and I've learned many lessons about running a swap all by myself. Not a mistake I will make the next time. :c)

For those of you wondering, yes the Swap It should still be going. You should be close to finishing up your socks in the next week and half, and thinking about sending them off so your Pal can get them in time.

I've had a few questions about adding extras besides your Pal's socks into your package. I did put some questions in the Questionnaire that would allow you add some treats but it is NOT a requirement. This Swap It was started a bit late in the game and I left out putting a money value or anything on it just for that reason. The only requirement I had was that you got your Pal's socks to them in time. However, IF you would like to send a few things extra that is up to you. We are all knitters, most of us realize that our children are out of school now and keeping us busy, and of course we were all trying to catch up on the movies and books along with all our knitting. If you just send your Pal socks, I'm sure they will be just as thrilled as if you included some tea or candy. We are totally in it for your socks, not your chocolate. *g*

The next trivia is coming up. Please count your points and let me know if you think I forgot anyone! I'm by far not perfect.

Good Luck! I can't wait to see every one's socks!

April in SC

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