Sunday, April 22, 2007

Swap It ~ Rules

The Rules for the Harry Potter Swap It:

1) You need to have a blog, it doesn't matter what one you use, as long as you have one.

2) You need to post on your blog at least 2x a month, with one being on knitting.

3) You cannot share what sock pattern you are knitting for your Pal, but you can ask them questions about what they like if you need more information besides the questionnaire.

4) You need to contact your Pal at least 2x a month by email or giving a shout out here on the Blog.

5) You can pick your favorite website or pick one from the links listed under "Swap It ~ Get Started" from the home page to be sorted into your Hogwarts House. However, if you want to pick your own house you may do so but your socks will be knit in the Hogwarts House colors that you picked. The House colors will also be listed on the "Swap It ~ Get Started" link on the home page.

6) The time line for the Swap It is as follows:
Membership to the Swap It is open right now
Matches "should" be made randomly and passed out within 4 days of closing
Your sock for your Pal, you should be done by or around July 6, 2007
Socks should arrive for your Pal NO later than July 20, 2007

7) IF for some reason you cannot finish your socks for your Pal please contact me HERE ASAP! It would not be fair to your Pal to not receive their socks by the due date, so if you are going to have a problem (which can happen to any of us), please let me know as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made.
8) Posting to the Blog is encouraged, please try and stay on topic, which means such topics as ~ Socks, Sock Patterns, Sock Yarn, Sock Yarn Colors, Harry Potter (anything), with an occasional topic thrown in if you knitting anything else "themed" Harry Potter.
9) If you share a pattern if must either be free or designed by you, or you need permission from the original author, please no copyright infringements.

10) If you post to the Bog please use your name (user name/blog name/nickname if your more comfortable) in your post so we know who you are, and please feel free to add a link to your blog or online photo album in your posts so we can read them while we knit, we like blog and online photo sharing!

11) Please read all rules carefully!! I cannot stress this enough as the rules for the Swap It are a bit different than the rules for the Sock It.

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