Friday, April 20, 2007

Sock It~ Rules

The Rules for the Harry Potter Sock It:

1) Try and stay on topic, which means such topics as ~ Socks, Sock Patterns, Sock Yarn, Sock Yarn Colors, Harry Potter (anything), with an occasional topic thrown in if your knitting anything else "themed" Harry Potter.

2) If you share a pattern it must either be free or designed by you, or you need permission from the original author, please no copyright infringements.

3) Please check in at least once a week, this rule however is not set in gold, we all get busy with life sometimes, but seriously, please try and check in, even if its to say, "hey, I haven't knit anything and it sucks."... We sock knitters tend to get attached to our "sock friends" and we are subject to worry excessively about you if you disappear which may also throw off our gauge and we all know what that can do! Yikes!

4) You can either pick your favorite website and be "sorted" into your Hogwarts house, or you can pick your house but only if you are knitting socks in the house colors from the house you have chosen.

5) If you post please put your name (user name/blog name/nickname if your more comfortable) in your post so we know who you are, and please feel free to add a link to your blog or online photo album in your posts so we can read it while we knit, we like blog and photo sharing!

6) Please read all rules carefully!!! I cannot stress this enough as the rules for the Sock It will be a bit different than the rules for the Swap It.

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