Friday, April 20, 2007

Sock It ~ Getting Started

Getting Started in the Harry Potter Book 7 Sock It:

1) You have two choices. You can pick your house or you can go to one of the sites listed below (or your own person favorite) to be "sorted" into your Hogwarts House, not all of these sites have been tested or "Played" by me so the choice is yours:

If you decide to pick your house on your own you must knit your socks in the house colors of your choice, the Hogwart House colors are:
Gryffindor ~ Scarlet and Gold
Hufflepuff ~ Yellow and Black
RavenClaw ~ Blue and Bronze
Slytherin ~ Green and Silver
A pair of Dobby Mis-Matched Socks

2) Email me (April in SC) HERE so I can send you an invitation to the group. Please include:
~Your name
~Your "House" and if you picked it yourself or used a website
~If you would like your name linked to your blog or online photo album and the address of your blog or online photo album.

3) Once you have been invited and excepted the invitation, please post an introduction to the group along with the questionnaire listed on the questionnaire page.

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